The class philosophy for Spec Corvette is to promote the equal competition of the C5 generation cars with a build that is under $22,000 exclusive of build labor. Performance benchmarks on the car are targeted to be very similar to what 2010 SCCA T1 Corvette specifications could achieve. For example laps time at Willow Springs International raceway under 1:30. Streets of Willow Springs under 1:19 and under 1:50 at Auto Club Speedway ROval. A tight, but fast and competitively set of car specifications will allow Spec Corvette cars to easily cross over to SCCA T2 and NASA ST class racing.

The philosophy behind several of the car specifications may add to the cost of the initial car build, but consideration have been made for active racing of a Spec Corvette. For example, choices to spec coil-over shocks were made not only for performance consideration, but on the belief that 20 year-old cars will have worn shocks and monoleafs ready to delaminate. Another example are the A-arm bushings. Old bushings in the A-arm will require compromises on camber settings and cause premature tire wear under racing conditions.

The SCCA 2017 GCR is the guiding set of rules for Spec Corvette racing rules, except for those rules that pertain to car configuration and set-up. Spec Corvette will run at varying racing venues and under varying sanction organizations where we are permitted to race. When not racing with SCCA, the sanctioning body rules for event management will supersede SCCA rules. All racing and car rules for Spec Corvette are subject to change at any time and subject to interpretation of the Spec Corvette Competition Committee as appointed from time to time by the founders of the series.