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America's fastest growing budget race series

Spec Corvette's mission is to promote the equal competition of the C5-generation Corvette (1997 to 2004) with a build that is under $30,000 exclusive of build labor. The cars often run in their own class and are competitive in SCCA T2 and NASA ST3 with simple changes.

Spec Corvette

Why race with us?

Spec Corvette is where you can learn to build a race car for under $30,000 that will do 1:47 at Auto Club Speedway ROval and 1:27 at Willow Springs.

Spec Corvette was born out of a vacuum left by the established race sanctioning bodies. There is a need in the market for a fast car, that is relatively inexpensive to build, tough and reliable, with low maintenance costs and easy access to new and used parts. The era of the C5 Corvette in SCCA T1 was an exciting time for racing for many drivers. The car is an outstanding performer in all conditions and on all tracks. At track days, in the right hands, a Corvette is likely to set the fast-time-of-day.

Spec Corvette brings back SCCA T1 and NASA ST2 racing the way it used to be. The cars are fast, but with vast amounts of durability, cost savings, and reduced maintenance. The best part is that now a build that used to cost $50,000 to $60,000 is down to under $20,000 thanks to the increased availability of C5 Corvettes and the pervasiveness of aftermarket race parts.

Spec Corvette was designed to allow for the build of a racecar from a $10,000 C5 street car. The availability of pre-fab cages and negotiated discounts on shocks, sway bars, and other parts keeps the build cost low and the car configurations very equal.

Considerations have been made to allow for affordable race components that are not only inexpensive and fast, but promote more economical racing. The rules allow for the use of OEM parts if you can’t afford to do the full build on day one. Just make sure you have the required safety equipment. If your car is a project you plan to race over the first season or two while you optimize the build to the rules you can do that without too much handicap. Running stock hardware in many cases won’t hurt your speed, but it will assist your pocketbook as you get started.